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Teachers Felicitated By 1983 Batch On The Occasion Of Guru Poojotsavam

1983 batch led by Sai Prasad conducted “Guru Poojotsavam” at Hotel Tourism Plaza, Begumpet. They facilitated few teachers who taught them during 1977 – 1983 period. This event was attended by about 25 persons from 1983 batch.The teachers attended were;

  • Sri VVSN Rao Sir
  • Sri V. Gopala Krishna Murthy Sir
  • Sri Ramana Murthy Sir
  • Sri Venkataiah Sir
  • Sri Narasimham Sir
  • Smt Annapurna Madam

All the teachers got into reminiscent mode and shared their experiences during their stay. They all felt excited and happy about the program. All of them were very humble in stating that “We did our duty” and they also echoed that the challenges posed by the students while teaching made them work further and gain more knowledge.

A surprising element from some of the teachers message was that even teachers took an exam to get appointment at Sarvail School during those days though students were picked up through an entrance.

They also expressed their concern about state of affairs at present in Saravail. They all expressed together that Alumni must pro-actively work towards improving the school standards and bring it back to the past glory.

This event was live telecasted through Face Book page of Vivekanand Chittampally and Sayapaneni Nandakishore.

Visit for more photographs of the event here


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