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Medical Camp & Career Guidance At TS Residential School, Sarvail 2018

Alumni Association has been actively participating in conducting a medical camp for all students residing at various hostels of Sarvail School. Apart from that accomplished Alumni members have been providing Career Guidance to the outgoing 10th Class students.

This year also Executive Committee members from different batches participated in this programme. The day started with reaching Sarvail by 10:00am.

The speciality at this year is participation of Doctors from Senior batches. We had 3 doctors from 1975 batch. Overall, there are 11 Alumni Doctors graces this occasion. They are;

Dr. Vasudeva Rao 

Dr. Raghu Akula

Dr. Shiva Das

Dr. Narendar Reddy

Dr. Alwal Reddy

Dr. Vivekvardhan Reddy

Dr. Venkata Swamy

Dr. Yadagiri

Dr. Vijayananad

Dr. Malsur

With large contingent of Alumni Doctors, we are able to screen about 500 plus children by 1:30pm of the day. The other silent contributors for the success of the Medical Camp are, Yoganand Kuree and Vittal Sangani who supplied medicine to the medical camp. Apart from the free medicine, we spent Rs. 24,000 for purchasing medicine which are not available in free medicine supplied.

The other Alumni members, who are involved in successful completion are,

Satyanarayana D, Chenna Raja, Mallsham,  Gnana Shekhar, Ragunandan Reddy, Rajasekhar Reddy, Dr. Murali, Karuna Sagar, Ramana Reddy, Vivekanand Chittampally, Badri Venugopal etc.

Apart from Medical Camp, Alumni organised;

  • Dental Camp
  • Eye Check up

Dr. Vivekvardhan Reddy organised dental camp with the help of Kamineni Hospitals. Dr. Narendar Reddy organised an eye check up with the help of Lions club, which is being run by his sibling. A big thanks to these Doctors and their teams for coming forward to help in Alumni initiative at short notice.

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