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Haritaharam @Sarvail

Alumni Team of 24 members (names mentioned below) from various batches have attended the Haritaharam program at Sarvail on 17-Jul-2016 and planted 500 plants in the school premises. This is a small contribution to make our Telangana State a Haritavanam.

1Satyanarayana D1975
2Shankaralingam D1977
3Laxminarayana N1977
4Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy A1977
5Manipal Reddy E1977
6Karunakar Rao E1977
7Seetharamulu N1977
8Raghunandan Reddy K1979
9Dr Narender Reddy B1979
10Rajashekhar Reddy M A1980
11Ramana Reddy G V1981
12Pramod Kumar Reddy N1983
13Srikanth Reddy P1984
14Vijaya Raju S1984
15Shankar G1987
16Venugopal Badri1989
17Venu A1990
18Sridhar Reddy1990
19Vasudev P2000
20Suresh Pagidi2000
21Naresh Kumar T2000
22Mahender J2000
23Sudhakar Medi2000
24Srikanth S2011


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