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Executive Committee Visit To Sarvail On 17-Jun-2017

As decided in the EC meeting held on 10-06-2017, Alumni EC members led by Vice president Sri. Mallesham-(75), Rajashekar Reddy (80) Gen-Sec, Vivekanand (83) Treasurer, Ramana Reddy (81), Yugandher Reddy (82), Vijaya Raju (84), Krishnaiah (96) Jt. Sec and Nageswar Rao (99) visited our School on 17-06-2017 to examine the requirements to upgrade the library and need for teaching assistance.  

Infrastructural Improvement to Existing Library

Though Librarian and many books are available (some of them are in archaic condition), they are not indexed nor a consolidated list available. Librarian was requested to do the same at earliest to finalise the list books to be purchased.  

Existing Library room cannot accommodate additional books and cupboards. Hence it was decided to add adjoining room (Digital Hall) and add additional space by providing steel grill to veranda.  

Secretary TSREIS Sri. Satyanarayana Reddy visited school in the AN on the day. We requested him to process for provision of Furniture in new Dining Hall and Cots for additional strength of 260 Students. We also requested him to arrange for modifications to Library block.

After discussions with Principal, faculty and Librarian, decided to subscribe the books are periodical as listed in the campaign Campaign for library books donations

Also it has been identified that the teachin asistance is needed for the school in the science subject as mentioned Campaign for teaching in Science

Alumni appeals all member contribution towards above campaigns


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