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Education Minister Jagadish Reddy Unveiled Statues Of Maddi Narayan Reddy, Kalam, PV And Ambedkar

Education minister Shri Jagadishwar reddy has unveiled Shri Maddi Narayana reddy statue who has donated the land for the school and the thought leader of Gurukul School system , along with other statues of  exemplar leaders Dr. Abdul Kalam, Shri  PV Narasimha Rao & Dr. BR Ambedkar.

The Sarvail alumni association headed by Dr. Narendar reddy Rajshaker Reddy, Gadari Kishore and other EC members welcomed Minister and other dignitaries.

Speaking on this occasion, The minister told that it is important to have of such leader’s statues to remember the great work that they have done for the nation and inspires and motivates in great spirit.  It is great that our public schools in the Telanagana are competing with corporate schools in education and commended teachers and staff are contributing towards this achievement. All the teaching staff of the School were felicitated with shawls for best performance of class 10 results this year. Minister has assured that the pending works of proposed buildings to be completed before Sarvail Golden Jubilee festival.

Shri Gadari Kishore from 96 batch has chaired this meeting who is also the sponsor of the statues. He has praised the great work of Alumni association is helping for school development and also for Sarvailian’s welfare. MP Badugu Lingaiah has announced Rs. 10 lakh towards computer lab in this meeting. Students who have secured 10 GPA in SSC exams have been facilitated by Minister and Kishore. Later all dignitaries attended meeting had lunch together with the school children.

Earlier in the meeting, Minister has handed over a check for the family of Mr. Pavan Kumar(Papa rao) of 1996 batch who has passed away with heart attack. This money has been collected by various means by his batchmates. Alumni association president has also handed over the check which has been collected by Alumni association India. The total amounts to Rs. 10.8 lakhs.

The meeting has been planned and organized by 1996 batch led by batch rep Krishnaiah and Gadar Kishore. They have thanked Alumni association and Residential Society for extending the support in unveiling the statues. The flawless execution and meticulous planning made this event has successful and it has been appreciated by many

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