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Doctors at Continental Hospitals save life of 81-yr-old bed-ridden woman patient with ‘brain tumor’

  • The elderly woman suffered for more than six months due to an earlier non-detection of the tumor and missed diagnoses

 Hyderabad, January 9th, 2021: Doctors at Continental Hospitals saved the life of an 81-year-old woman who had a tumor in the brain and was bed-ridden for more than six months. Being physically immobile and nonfunctional the complex surgery in this elderly patient unleashed a new life for her. This feat of the surgical team at Continental Hospitals Neuroscience department was deemed to be a miracle by many.

A native of Maktal town in Mahabubnagar district, Mrs. Mallamma, suffered stiffness in her upper limbs with no hand & leg movements. She was not able to walk or stand without support.  Her family concluded that she was suffering from paralysis and there is no chance of recovery. After almost six months, and visiting multiple doctors, a brain tumor was finally diagnosed. The patient was brought to Continental Hospitals. After a detailed evaluation, it was identified that she had a large ‘parietal meningioma’, a type of brain tumor.

Commenting on the difficult condition of the patient with a large tumor Dr. Laxminadh Sivaraju, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Continental Hospitals, who performed the complex surgery on the patient said, “Meningiomas are slow-growing tumors that can cause severe disability or could even result in a fatality! In this case, considering the patient’s old age, the tumor was deemed to be life-threatening and had to be excised carefully to mitigate immediate and long-term threats to her health and life. After a complete assessment of the condition, detailed counseling with family members, we performed total excision of the tumor that was done by using the latest Medtronic “Neuro Navigation System” and a high-end “Microscope” with continuous Neuromonitoring. It guides the neurosurgeon to real-time information on the functioning of nerves while operating and to monitor a patient’s progress with precision giving excellent clinical outcomes. After the surgery within 72 hours, the patient has regained strength in both the legs and has returned to her daily routine and will continue to lead an active life.”

“Many individuals from semi-urban and rural areas neglect similar ailments assuming it to be paralysis and would be irreversible. It is important for such patients do consult the concerned specialist to ascertain the actual condition, which could be cured with early detection & early surgical intervention. In such conditions, some resign to fate and do not seek the right medical advice which would resurrect them back to normalcy,” added Dr. Laxminadh Sivaraju.

With the victim bouncing back to life, the family of Mrs. Mallamma is happy and thankful to the team of Doctors and the entire support staff at Continental Hospitals who helped her recover in just 3 days after the surgery.

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