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Books Donation Drive For Library

Appeal to Alumni Members:

Excutive committe has visited School recently for discussing with Prinical and staff for Library setup. More than 1500 US dollars were collected by Alumni NRI chapter for the Library.

Few of Alumni members promised to support the cause in terms of books .

All the members are requested to contribute in the form of :-

  1. Subscribing to Dailies or Periodicals (Ravikanth Reddy 84 is subscribing for The Hindu daily for 5 copies)
  2. Donating books available with them and useful for school children. (Collecting the books from various points can be arranged).
  3. Members can donate money for the purpose (A/c Alumni Association of TS Residential School, Sarvail, AC No. 30131010006174, Syndicate Bank, New Nallakunta branch, IFSC Code SYNB0003013)

Identified books/periodicals:

Dailies: – Each 05 Copies

  1. Times of India

 Periodicals Each 02 copies

  1. Competition Success Review (CSR)
  2. Wonder World
  3. India Today (English)
  4. India Today (Telugu)
  5. Yojana (English)
  6. Yojana (Telugu)
  7. Reader’s Digest
  8. Sports Star
  9. Balamitra
  10. Chandamama (English)
  11. Chandamama (Telugu)’
  12. Wisdom
  13. Science Today
  14. Udyoga Sopanam
  15. Bala Bharatham
  16. Cheku Mukhi
  17. Manorama

Books (Immediate need)                 

  1. Manorama Year Book 02 Copies
  2. India year Book 02 Copies
  3. Alice in Wonderland Complete Series
  4. Jungle Book Complete Series
  5. Panchathantra Complete Series
  6. Vivekananda Books Series on Mind Power
  7. Vemana Shatakam
  8. Bhuvana Vijayam
  9. General Arithmetic and Mental Ability
  10. Encyclopaedia Britannica Soft Copy


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