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AGM 2008

Sarvail Alumni association has conducted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) today in Veterinary Head office, Masabatank. Meeting started at 11.30 AM and about 150 students participated including the prominent person Sri. M Mahendar Reddy, IG.

Addressing the meeting Mr. Mallesham, who is the President of the association explained the progress that they made during their tenure. He told as the first body who ever delivered various infrastructures to the school. They represented the residential school officials to get the Reverse osmosis plant for purified water, which costs about Rs. 4 lack. They negotiated with the local industrialists to donated the funds to this program and the same has been successfully operating Now. Some of the class room buildings were not in usable condition now. Knowing this fact we took lead in getting the additional class rooms for school. They are in progress. How ever the construction of compound wall will be starting in the next year. This would prevent entering of animals and encroachment of villagers. The delay was due to lapse of the funds and Rs. 10 lack has been sanction for the next year. He was also suggesting to have a office building for association. He Requested next body to follow up on these.

Association has already represented the government to make this school as a regional school as before it was and strengthening the education and infrastructure. The committee has presented the balance sheet of the association. How ever the housing society has not been able to move any further as per the government policies as told by the in charge of the housing society. They requested to take money back for those who has contributed earlier.

In the beginning of the meeting, all the batches were introduced. In the afternoon The new batch representatives have been elected. The new committee along with office bearers have been formed.

Key Speakers

Sri Venkataiah (was Physics teacher in School)

I feel proud of being the teacher for Sarvail and really could not forget the association that I had with school. I can confidently say that we are the better teachers as we are teaching the better students. The questions that you asked time and time made us to learn and become the better teachers. I thank you for the Sarvail Alumni association for the kind of activities they are undertaking. I would hope they would continue to do their best towards the improvement of school.

Sri. M. Mahendar Reddy (IG in DGP office, 78 batch)

Infrastructure is one of the key development which provides the best learning environment. I was going through the progress that the current committee made during this year. They have built the reverse osmosis plant for providing purified water to the students. Additional class rooms are in progress. Congratulations to the team for this great progress.

I was busy in my previous role (as a Cyberabad Police commissioner) and really could not spent much time for the association. I would be able to spent time now and I am happy to help and represent our school in any forum. Let’s take the advantage of our Residential school secretary was being the teacher from Sarvail. We should bring the previous glory to the school making this as regional and providing better infrastructure.

Sri. Venkata Narsaiah (AGO, Telangana Residential schools. Ex Teacher & Principal)

We feel as lucky and as proud as you for working in APRS Sarvail. I was about to join as a student in Sarvail in the first batch, but missed it. I joined as teacher later. Most of the students here are at the same of my age and I feel that I am lot proud and happy now by the kind of honor I receive from you all as a teacher, which I would have missed otherwise if I would have joined as a student.

I appreciate Alumni association for conducting charity for students conducting medical camps, helping to provide better infrastructure to the school. We received a representation to make Sarvail as the regional school as it was before. I am sure Persistent efforts from association would improve the school. would request all Sarvailians to organize the same activities to all the residential schools which are near by your places.

Communication and English language skills are important in current competitive world and we are introducing English medium in Sarvail from next academic year.

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