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1978 Batch Family Get-Together And Felicitation To Mahendar Reddy DGP

1978 batch family get-together has been organised on 9th March 2018 at Income Tax Guest House in Hyderabad. This was the first get together with families and highest participation of its kind. There were about about 39 families attended. Each family has been introduced to DGP.

Speaking to the gathering, Sudershan Nalla  the batch representative of 1978, congratulated Mahdendard reddy on he becoming the DGP and mentioned thanks to him and his wife for attending the get-together. He mentioned we had less time for this get-together but with all help it was a successful event.

Somashaker of IT Commissioner from the batch also addressed the meeting and he said that that Sarvail has given the platform to raise snd shine in our life. What ever we are today and our success … all credit goes to Surveil school.

Mahendar Reddy has been felicitated during this get-together.  Addressing the meeting he said that his life has been with lots of fun and frolic and simple life at sarvail. any recollection of memories is always fulfilling which he always feel proud of every step in the life from the day he passed out from sarvail school.

In his word …”Every  bit of my success i always give credit to sarvail school and to all my friends. because any school is not physical buildings is not about th trees, not about the food, its not about the environment …its about the life in school and campus. which has really enriched my life. and the kind of support all of you have given to me ,…when i joined the school, i used reep every day because of the home sickness. some of you have really held my hand and then took me forward. but the servile school is the one tough us to stand on our own feet. distinctly i joined my nagarjuna sagar with many of our friends, we could see the difference that we are on our own. we are not dependent on any one. that  really made something different on our life. We are all from middle class or below middle class with rural background, and do not have much exposer. but the school has given us something phenomenal. Its a matter of chance that some of us for family reasons and the circumstances, we had to join the job immediately after 10th, intermediate, diploma, degree etc. but then today it has really been very enthralling experience for me and my wife to be hear with all of us.

In my life I always believed in simplicity. when i joined the service i made a pledge to myself the day i have the service , whatever the attitudes , simplicity and that should remain so till end of the service till i retire. I tried to be like any one of you. I always remind my self about my pledge being a commoner , as sarvailian. where ever possible, which ever the platform, I always try to promote the concept of residential school and the glory of the surveil. Present government also doing lot and the present government is also doing lot of things for residential schools. the vision of the government to have KG to PG with complete residential system which is as competent as private schools.

As far as the service is concerned police is 24×7 , 365 days. I always available on phone call for emergency …if we save a life it makes lot of different to that individual. From last 4 years, we have been making continues changes in three areas by bringing change in the “Process People, and Technology”. By bring about a transformative change, we would like to make it a responsive and citizen friendly organisation and organisation that every citizen of Telangana is proud about it. I am very fortunate to have the government support. I can confidently say that from my thirty years of service, this is the government which realised for development and progress of the Telangana peace is the essential prerequisite and it should get the top priority. It is not giving more powers to the police but giving more responsive and accountability and bringing the transparent system. Government has decided to extend the same facilities and technology and infrastructure to the whole state including top the urban areas. We have been using the technology as force multiplier. Today Hyderabad is using the 2lakh cameras and we are expecting that we should go to 10 lakh cameras GHMC area and all other districts head quarters together may be 50 lakh cameras. we have able to install the confidence among the citizens while ensuring fear to the law breakers that if they commit in hyderabad city there is a possibility of 100% being caught and punished. All the interstate criminals they have stopped coming to Hyderabad and operating here.

Friends like you you who are supporting all through in my journey and I am very very grateful. As a measure of our gratitude,  my wife and myself would like to express profuse thanks all of you to for honouring us. It is a very surprise occasion and I came just like that thinking that it would be yet another get-together. We are very very grateful and thank you all for pain staking efforts for felicitating us.”

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